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Everyone Everyday - A Toolkit for Inclusion (6 hour course over 3 weeks - Wednesday group) (3524)


The Everyone Everyday program is a comprehensive social and emotional learning program that targets mainstream primary schools, and focuses on the concept of ‘inclusion’. It is based on the assumption that ‘inclusion’ needs to be explicitly taught, if we are to move from a situation in which children with disability are simply present in mainstream schools, to one in which they are welcomed, valued and enjoy full membership of the school community. The components of the program include a teaching resource (accessed online) with lessons that are linked to the Australian Curriculum, and professional learning. The program won the National Disability Awards in 2014. This six hour practical course is delivered over three consecutive weeks. Session 1: Exploring personal and community perspectives on disability and inclusion. Participants explore how our hidden assumptions subconsciously influence our ways of thinking and behaving. We challenge common beliefs and attitudes about disability and inclusion, and look at the history of disability in Australia. Session 2: Facilitating inclusion in the school and community. In this session, participants explore behaviours that block or facilitate inclusion in school settings, and broaden their definition of inclusion. We take a look at the continuum of inclusion, and explore proactive ways to facilitate inclusion. Session 3: Teaching inclusion concepts and behaviours to create positive learning environment. In this session, we will unpack the Everyone Everyday program, which is a social and emotional learning program that explicitly teaches primary school children inclusive behaviours and attitudes.

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Course outcomes for teachers:

 - increased  knowledge and understanding of contemporary concepts in disability and inclusion

 - increased awareness of the impact of hidden assumptions about disability and inclusion on teacher attitudes and behaviours

 - increased awareness of behaviours and attitudes that block or facilitate inclusion in the class and school setting

 - understanding of the policy context driving the education sector to take action to create inclusive classrooms

 - increased understanding of the role teachers play to create a cultural shift in the way society thinks about disability and inclusion.

 - Knowledge of the social and emotional learning program, Everyone Everyday, that targets primary school students  to explicitly to inclusive attitudes and behaviours.

Program Design

Program Expectations

Participants are expected to complete between session activities such as viewing TedX Talks and applying learning to teaching practice.

Event Sessions


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Contact Details

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Contact Name: Megan Campbell
Phone: 0418651215

Event Target

Sectors: Community/Other,Early Childhood School,Preschool,Primary
Groups: Classroom Teacher,Deputy Principal,Executive Teacher,Principal,School Assistant
Specialisation: Counsellor,ESL,Learning Assistance,Special Education,Teacher Librarian

Eligibility Criteria

Places are limited with priority given to substantive teachers (75% allocation for substantive, 25% allocation for relief/contract teachers and others).

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Curriculum, Equity and Diversity, New Educators, Pedagogy/Quality Teaching, Safe Schools, Skills Development, Student Welfare and Management

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