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Wellbeing Workshop (4249)


A full day workshop focussed on teacher wellbeing, including practices that can be used in classrooms to promote student wellbeing. Based on Dan Sigel and David Rock’s work around the Healthy Mind Platter- you will learn daily practices that will help you and students to strengthen the mind, manage stress and be more resistant to burnout. These practices are based on the latest neuroscience research about brain health.


Program Design

Program Expectations

Event Sessions

Please note that this event is for ACT Education and Training Directorate Staff only.


Enrolment Closing Date: 25/10/2019
The closing date for enrolments for this event has passed.
This event comprises the following session(s). You will automatically be enrolled in all of them:
Session TitleStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenuePresenter
Wellbeing Workshop30/10/201930/10/20199:00 AM4:30 PMHedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning
Fremantle Drive Stirling ACT 2611

Event Fees

Departmental Staff: N/A

Non-Departmental Staff: N/A

Contact Details

Please contact the following if you require any more details about this event.
Contact Name: Nadia Butler
Phone: 0466 382 442


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Event Target

Sectors: Central Office,College,Combined Schools,Community/Other,Early Childhood School,High School,Preschool,Primary,Special School
Groups: ASO1,ASO2,ASO3,ASO4,ASO5,ASO6,Building Services Officers,Business Managers,Classroom Teacher,Deputy Principal,Executive Staff,Executive Teacher,Finance Officers,Manager or equivalent,Principal,School Assistant,SITC,SOGC,Trainee
Specialisation: Career,Counsellor,ESL,Learning Assistance,Special Education,Teacher Librarian,Vocational Education

Eligibility Criteria

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Leadership, New Educators, Safe Schools, Skills Development, Student Welfare and Management

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