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Teaching P-6 Biological Sciences using Hands-on Inquiry (4288)


The Academy of Future Skills have developed a four-part series that will focus on the four strands of Science. In this workshop our qualified STEM staff will strengthen your pedagogical practice and content knowledge in Biology, followed by a hands-on workshop that will provide you with many teaching materials and experiments to use in the classroom to investigate living and non-living things. All equipment is available on loan to use in your classroom which will no doubt increase the level of engagement and a deeper understanding of the concepts.


The Content Descriptors in Biological Sciences P-6 will be covered so that teachers have a stronger understanding of the concepts within the Australian Curriculum.  This will also include covering the science inquiry skills where teachers will be shown how to develop experiments that will enhance and compliment the content.  Teachers will be shown how to integrate the four strands of STEM curriculum to maximise impact and deep learning of Biological Sciences. 


Program Design

Teachers will be involved in performing four laboratory experiments and will be provided with an elaboration of the science concepts behind them. 

Program Expectations

Event Sessions

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Event Fees

Departmental Staff: N/A

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Contact Details

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Contact Name: Simone Thompson
Phone: 6207 5364


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Event Target

Sectors: Primary
Groups: Classroom Teacher,Deputy Principal,Executive Teacher
Specialisation: There are no target specialisations defined for this event.

Eligibility Criteria

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Curriculum, New Educators, Numeracy, Pedagogy/Quality Teaching, Skills Development

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