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Teaching e-safety through the Australian Curriculum (4289)


This workshop will focus on the issues around e-safety and how we can teach students to use ICT ethically, safely and responsibly through the Australian Curriculum. It is recommended for school leaders, year coordinators, instructional leaders and teachers. There is an expectation that participants will share this knowledge with their staff.


Program Design

Program Expectations

Event Sessions

Please note that this event is for ACT Education and Training Directorate Staff only.
The following session(s) are available:

There are no upcoming elective sessions for this event

Event Fees

Departmental Staff: N/A

Non-Departmental Staff: N/A

Contact Details

Please contact the following if you require any more details about this event.
Contact Name: Jacqui Patrick
Phone: 62074573


The following is a list of attachments for this event that are available to download.
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Teaching e-safety through the Australian Curriculum-flyer.pdf0.39 Mb

Event Target

Sectors: Early Childhood School,High School,Primary,Special School
Groups: Classroom Teacher,Deputy Principal,Executive Teacher,Principal
Specialisation: There are no target specialisations defined for this event.

Eligibility Criteria

It is recommended that participants bring a device.

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Curriculum, ICT

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