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Back to school - c'est la rentree! (6608)


Alliance Francaise and the French Network are organising a professional learning opportunity to prepare us all for the start of the teaching year. The focus of the morning session will be pronunciation, concentrating on practical advice on how to get it right. In the afternoon, we will go through current affairs in a French context and advise on where to find accurate resources for different levels of learners. The workshop will be on-line and is TQI accredited for four hours.


 There will be practical information and exercises on how to teach students to articulate so they will be able to produce the correct sounds in French  with examples of different games, youtube videos etc to assist in teaching.

In the afternoon session, resources to teach French students about current affairs will be explored, assisting teachers to find accurate information at different levels of French.

The event will be delivered on-line as required. 

Program Design

Program Expectations

Event Sessions

The following session(s) are available:

There are no upcoming elective sessions for this event

Event Fees

Departmental Staff: N/A

Non ACT Education and Training Directorate Staff:$25.00

Contact Details

Please contact the following if you require any more details about this event.
Contact Name: Lena Britton
Phone: 0488481009

Event Target

Sectors: College,Combined Schools,High School,Preschool,Primary
Groups: Classroom Teacher
Specialisation: French teachers

Eligibility Criteria

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Curriculum, ICT, Literacy, New Educators, Pedagogy/Quality Teaching, Skills Development

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